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TWINDOT® - Pendant Luminaire System

RZB has created the TWINDOT range of LED suspended luminaires as the first product family to achieve a magical lighting effect.

The “TWINDOT light technology” ensures the success of the transformation: the innovative micro prismatic transforms the total reflection of the light waves in the transparent perspex into a magical light. The room is bathed in a glowing and gentle light with soft shadows and glare-free light to see and work by. Gentle light poetry becomes a sensual experience.

LED light technology for perfect vision

Moods Changing light moods in the dynamic rhythm of daylight can have an extremely positive influence on wellbeing. Light management systems such as RZB light control+3 with the appropriate sensor technology can automatically regulate these processes. Versions with the RZB smart+free Bluetooth® component allow personal access to light scenarios controlled by an app. The fields of application for Human Centric Lighting range from private households, offices, common rooms and conference rooms to rooms used in the healthcare sector

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